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The art and culture are so deeply embedded in Tamil Nadu that as a tourist here, you have plenty of experiences to relish. Welcome to Tamil Nadu! The land where the tales and influence of Cholas, Pandyas, and Pallavas can still be seen and the beaut landscape, sacred temples, and imposing wildlife make you feel instantly connected with this tourist destination in India. While we mostly focus on the cultural side of this travel place located in South India, there is an urban vibe that we must endeavour to sight occasionally. The capital city, Chennai and several other cities in the state offer a delightful blend of modern and ancient, and thus, give any traveller a chance to revel amidst the fusion. The geography of the state makes it an unsurpassed gift for the nature lovers. From its western fronts where it enjoys the company of the lush Western Ghats to its east coast that is adorned by a long coastal stretch and an island of Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu has plenty of tourist attractions dotting its length and breadth. Then there are copious things to do that further enhance your experience at this impeccable destination in India. Indeed, Tamil Nadu is an inviting tourist place the travel guide of which promises delightful experiences to cherish.

In fact, the state opens its doors to those who are willing to get a new perspective without being skeptical about anything. Therefore, if you are visiting Tamil Nadu, you need to accept a different take on spirituality and culture. Yes, it is the land of Lord Murugan and Goddess Meenakshi but then it is also the abode of Mother Mary and the resting place of St. Thomas.

Tamil Nadu is a perfect place for a pilgrimage tour where the vibrant Hindu temples are not only the haven to seek spirituality but to be in awe of the imposing architecture and rich culture as well. Otherwise a sultry destination, Tamil Nadu is sparsely dotted with some of the most beautiful hill stations like Ooty and Kodaikanal that make an ideal escape during the peak summer season. The famed UNESCO World Site, Nilgiri Mountain Railway, monuments of Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram), Chola temples at Thanjavur, Darasuram, and Gangaikondacholapuram simply add to Tamil Nadu's tourism. Not someone who is interested in heritage and history? Well, the southern state has beautiful beaches right from Chennai to Dhanuskodi where you can spend a vacation on golden sand beaches. Seeking some adventure? Tamil Nadu has wildlife sanctuaries like Mudumalai to enjoy thrilling safaris as well as learn about rich flora and fauna. Museums like Dakshinachitra and festivals like Mamallapuram Dance Festival, Thaipusam, Meenakshi Kalyanam, and Pongal let you have a holistic cultural tour. And to further enhance the cultural tour experience, you can even include flavoursome Tamil Nadu cuisine that goes beyond the conventional idli, dosa, and sambar. Relish delicious seafood, rice dishes, and a lot of vegetarian delights. Wrap up your holiday with a session of some retail therapy and take back with you local handmade items and yes that soft and elegant Silk clothes.

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