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Daman and Diu tourism attracts tourists because it is the permanent abode of tranquillity. It’s great for those who enjoy spending their time in leisure, along with some adventure and sightseeing. After arriving here, you immediately feel the calming effect this place has on you. There are many things to do here, besides pondering on its beauty. That is what makes it such an incredible holiday destination.Gorgeous beaches are an essential part of the top tourist attractions of Daman and Diu. It is home to five beaches in all, each as beautiful as the other. One of the most beautiful among the five beaches is the Nagoa Beach. Located in the hamlet of Nagoa in the village of Bucharwada, it is shaped in the form of a semi-circle and offers various activities including swimming and gamboling.

Ghogla Beach is another famous beach located at the entrance to Ghogla village. It is great for those who love listening to the sound of waves and revelling in the sights greeting their eyes. Chakratirth Beach is relatively more crowded and is visited by both domestic and international tourists. Here, the sea seems to merge with the sun, an interesting phenomenon which is both curious and beautiful. Two other famous beaches are Jallandhar and Gomtimata Beach.Daman and Diu is also home to two forts, both of which offer excellent sightseeing opportunities and are reminders of its colonial past. The Fortress of Panikotha is an incredible structure built of stone and situated right at the entrance to the creek. At one point in history, it served as an entry post for regulating the entry and exit of merchant ships entering Diu for purposes of trade, especially spices. A special feature of the fort was the defensive system which was operated by means of a thick metallic chain upon the river bed.

Another imposing structure is the Fort of Diu situated on the eastern side of the island. From here, you are treated to amazing views of the sea. The fort, which was built in the 14th century, consisted of a warehouse, residence for the nobles, barracks for the soldiers, prison, church, chapel and a storage place for arms and ammunitions. There are a number of bastions inside the fort, with the oldest of them being St. George. The interiors of the fort, which are carved in stone work, are as impressive as the exteriors. Exploring the fort is nothing less than an adventure.Daman and Dui does not disappoint you in any way, not even when you are looking for a spiritual experience. There are two churches and both of them are located in Diu. One of these, the St. Paul’s Church, is also known as the Church of Immaculate Conception. Built by the Portuguese in the 15th century, it possesses both religious and historical importance. The architecture of the church impresses visitors with its front facade, inside walls which are adorned with shell like motifs and the high vaulted dome. The main attraction is the three altars including the pulpit. It is widely believed that the wood for the altar was purchased from Mozambique, which was another Portuguese colony in Africa.St. Francis of Assisi Church, built in the 14th century, is another famous church in Daman and Diu. An interesting fact about this temple is that it served as a hospital for 14 years. Situated at close proximity to St. Paul’s Church, it is easily distinguishable by its high tower. A particular attraction of the church is its main altar, which is decorated with beautiful frescoes.

Daman and Diu is a splendid holiday destination for those tourists looking to have a gala of a time. There are several beaches in both Daman and Diu where you can catch lovely views of the sunset and lose yourself in the peace that surrounds them. If you are fond of water sports, there are lots of opportunities for that too. You should also visit the churches, both for their architecture and the interesting history associated with them. Other things to do include exploring the forts, museums and plantations, the last of which is a unique attraction in itself.

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