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Top Sight Seeings

Fetch your sunscreen and umbrellas as we present you the list of the best places to visit in April in India. The onset of summer is truly blissful to make some plans for holidays. April comes with abundant exciting choices to plan your vacations in India. When incredible diversity presents such a long list of names, choosing one among the places to visit in April is indeed difficult. The country features pristine beaches, tropical islands, hill stations, deserts, vibrant cities, jungles, heritage sites and so much more.

Beat the heat of summer, take a break from cities and rejuvenate your spirits, as we help you remove your confusion about where to go on holiday in April, then there are amazing places with serene environment suitable to beat the heat. Hill stations in the Himalayas as well as the Western Ghats are the most sought locations. The beaches are not far behind as the crowd-free setting lets you have a wonderful time. Adventure expeditions also make the month memorable as you can enjoy the summer sunshine. Camping in Himalayas are particularly delightful. River rafting, mountaineering, cycling biking, etc. also add to the thrill of summer vacations in India.

Up in North India, there is the spread of the mighty Himalayas with some of the highest peaks in the world. From the beautiful places in Uttarakhand to the charming towns of Himachal Pradesh, the unexplored pristine bliss of North East India is equally calling. Here you are met with enthralling bliss. There's so much variety when it comes to choosing among the best holiday destinations in April in India.

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